My heart beats for luxury brands and bespoke experiences.

Wearing a luxury timepiece that boasts a number of intricate complications means understanding and appreciating the fact it is composed of parts that are so small, they are not visible to the naked, human eye.

Owning a piece of jewellery from one of the world’s most prestigious maisons, means purchasing an artisanal piece of intricate handicraft.

Driving a supercar means steering a high-performance vehicle that has been engineered to bring you to a top speed of 200mph.  

Vacationing on a private, tropical island allows you to be transported into a real-life scene, straight from the Hollywood blockbuster Avatar.

Storytelling for luxury brands and experiences, is my passion.

Now that you know the „why?“ you can view the „what?“.

This site showcases some of the projects that I have pitched, financed, produced and executed over my 15+ years of experience in the business.